jeudi 4 février 2010


Those who knows me do know that I love colors, I love them so much!
I love colorfull clothes, I love all that color mess and how we can play with it.
So much I love it but then in private life all I put on is finally only black and gray.
If I look in my warderobe it is almost sick how dark it is.
If somebody would tell me now to pick 2 outfits for the rest of my life I would probably keep a little black dress and a pair of black jeans with black or grey t-shirt.
Anyways that was not what I wanted to write about, today I wanted to write about Louise Grey,
yes Louise Grey have showed her 5th collection for SS2010 and believe me if I had to put color today, right now on me and I would have to pick an outfit colorfull and so not "black me" I will go for it. Because I love the way she plays with it, I love how she manage to make it a bit naive, playing with a kitsch in a smart way and so stylish at the same time. Maybe some little things I would change in the total look but that is probably because of my black and gray nature.
I am posting some photos from her web page for you.

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